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Welcome to my Alzheimer's blog. As Emerson, Lake and Palmer once said, "Welcome here my friends to the show that never ends..."

This is a place for me to share my trials and tribulations as well as my wins and successes of being a care-giver for my near 88 year old mother with Alzheimer's

Besides being a care-giver, I’m a cigar smoking, coffee drinking, blogger.  I've been smoking cigars for about forty years now and drinking coffee for thirty-five and I blog about those experiences on a daily basis too. But it hasn't always been this way.

In a past life, I started working in a sawmill right out of High School pulling on the green chain, eventually that moved in to the company computer, efficiency and hiring expert for all three plants, ending as a plant manager. During those years I had a great deal of the best management training money could buy. That lasted until it became politically incorrect to cut down trees and two of our plants were forced to close. From there I finally went to college earning an AAS degree in business and then helped start Secure Webs Inc. At one time we hosted over 10,000 websites, rented out over 300 dedicated web servers and we were the largest data center in Washington state.

Eventually I sold my shares and did High School sports photography for a few years until someone started doing it for free and "poof", the money was gone (no it wasn't Google, this time). After that I headed to EWU for my masters in business. Well I had a shoulder blow out after a couple of quarters and had to quit school.

After my shoulder was finally repaired, I did a year at Axles Pawn Shop working with some wild and crazy people.

That brings us into the here and now.

I hope “you”, the reader help mold this site into a final product that everyone can learn from and enjoy!

Thanks for stopping by.


By the way, if you feel so inclined, check out my other blogs:


Unknown said...

Don't forget that pinnacle of life when you worked with... ME! Okay, pinnacle may be a bit strong but they were good days! Keep up the good work my friend and looking forward to the day you start a blog about your creative side (hint hint).

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