Monday, December 12, 2016

Back In The Saddle Again...

After a couple months off, I'm back to watching Mom again. Well, that is most of the time during the week. 

Most of my time off--when I'm not watching Mom--is now spent being a ride-share driver for both Uber and Lyft. Being a driver is actually a pretty fun job, but we can dive into that in more detail at a later date.

Mom is doing well physically, but mentally she's still fading away almost on a daily basis. Her vocabulary is shrinking to yes, no and occasional grunts. She is however able to tell me the boys are outside and ask when they are coming inside. I can only guess these are dream remnants that transfer over into her waking mind, perhaps they are even day dreams. She no idea that I am one of the boys she is looking for. For a while I was telling her the boys are grown up and that I'm one of them, but recently I've taken to telling her "the boys will come inside soon" and most of the time that's the end of questioning.

Well that's enough for now. I'll write a bit more now that I'm actually home at times. Have a great day!