Thursday, July 7, 2016

My Watch Is Ended-Just Who Am I Trying To Fool

Wow, what a month.

My last post was about "My Watch Is Ended," but like Jon Snow things just changed directions.

Mom is still doing well. Crabby all the time, but other than that she's doing fine. However, I'm still providing about 50% of her care and that's fine.

The real nightmare has been cars. Yes, cars. In the last two weeks there have been three kid rescues due to car and one of these was a close to a midnight run. One breakdown and repair on the street, two starters, one ignition, one new tire, one oil overfill, hours dealing with Chevrolet's security system (which now I am nearly an expert on resetting the bloody thing), an afternoon of finding a Ford inertia switch, fixing a tail light and un-jamming a hood. I didn't do all of these repairs, but I did a good portion of them. Then on top of all this we are cleaning out a storage unit we've had for eight years now and this has required three trips to Colville with stuff for Kel.

See it's been a busy month and all the cars still aren't repaired nor is the storage unit 100% empty.

I'm so far behind on cigar reviews and writing that it feels like I may never get caught up.

Well that's enough for today thanks again for reading my story! Have a great day!