Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Second Breakfast Anyone?

It's a funny thing how Mom's brain works, or I guess more accurately, how it doesn't work. 

With last weekend's switch to daylight savings time, Mom is still running on the old schedule. That's fine since I'm still on my no-sleep-schedule. Keeping that in mind, she's been up fairly early the last couple of days but she's going to bed pretty early too. Today she was up right around 8:30, which is early for standard time, had breakfast and 30 minutes later head toward the bathroom. After 10 minutes in the bathroom, I heard her slip back into her room. 

However, this is the part where my brain wasn't working. I figured today would be like yesterday; up fore thirty minutes, then sleep for five hours, but once again I was wrong. After screwing around in her room for ten minutes she was out looking for breakfast. After quizzing her a little it was clear there was no recollection what so ever of eating 20 minutes earlier. So like a Hobbit from Lord of the Rings, she ate her second breakfast and retired to her room. Maybe for the day, maybe not, you just never know anymore. 

Well that's enough from me today. Have a great day!