Monday, February 29, 2016

Time Off, What's That?

Yesterday, while watching the Cooking Channel, Paula brought up how little time off chef's must get. They cook for a living then probably go home and cook too. Well this got me to thinking about time off and it hit me. I haven't had a day off in nearly three years now. 

Sure I've had some partial days away, and spent a few days in Colville, but those days were either family related, or working toward the sale of Mom's house. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining, and for sure this job isn't strenuous, but it's very tedious being confined to the house 99% and I think the solitude can do things to your mind. At least my mind. LOL

Mom's hanging in there, but she's slowly deteriorating both mentally and physically on a day by day basis. She's still eating about an average of twice per day--some days more, some days less--but her second or third meal of the day just gets picked at. A couple of times each week she is still trying to pay me for her meals. She has no comprehension of where she is or even who I am: It's been months now since she has known who I am. 

It's sad, but it's also part of the circle of life, and I can deal with that. 

Well have a great day! 

Oh, I am starting to review again. I am drinking a "House Blend" today that I will publish tomorrow. It's one of the best cups I've ever sampled. 


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