Friday, September 11, 2015

You Just Never Know

Yesterday was a very unusual day. Why's that? Well first Mom was up pretty much all day only taking one short nap after lunch. That's good for Mom, but yesterday was a very busy day for me and it really kept me on my toes keeping an eye on her and completing everything I needed to do. As luck would  have it, she was in a good mood all day and didn't play the "where's my car" game once. It was nice to finally have break from that daily game. 

The night before, I actually slept about five hours straight, but it was back to around three hours last night. I'm feeling better with that one good night sleep though.

I'm keeping this short today. When I got on here today, my mouse wasn't working and then it gave me two rapid blue screens. I've been thinking about a new laptop, but now it's a must. I have to keep this running long enough to get all my data off, mainly pictures and email. Ugh.

Last night was the best part of the day though. Brian at Cigar Train held a vendor event for the cigar vendors that are in town for Little Smoke this weekend. I had the chance to catch up with Fred from Nomad cigars, Ed from PDX Cigars and meet the guys from Crux Cigars. I had a great time and it gave me time to smoke a couple of great cigars.

Well I want to shut this thing off for the day so I will say so-long for now. Have a great day!


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