Saturday, September 26, 2015

What A Trying Week

On any given day you just never know what's going to happen. With that in mind What a trying week it was. 

Since my last post things with Mom have really went downhill, at least I thought they had. Mom had all but stopped eating and it was a real job just to wake her up, let alone get her to come out and eat. Once she was finally at the table all she would do was pick at her food, even with my continual prodding her to eat. Mom was declining so quickly I even called my brother and told him that if he wanted to see her one last time he should get down here within the next two weeks. 

Then yesterday out of the blue, once I'd roused her from bed and guided her to the table, which took nearly an hour, she ate like a linebacker and was up darn near all day. She was even lucid enough to ask about her car at dinner. LOL, Go figure. 

As we all ate dinner together, I watched Mom read the same paragraph in a newspaper article over and over. Her memory is so short now she can't even retain one paragraph.

Over the last week, and the past few months I've came to the realization that my Mother is gone, she really has been the last four years, maybe even a bit longer than that, and all that remains is the shell of the woman she once was. 

Bottom line most of this deals with the quality of life. Which down to the basic level Mom has none, she is simply existing. Yes, she is well cared for, she's treated as an individual with dignity, kindness and love on a daily basis, but at the end of the day, who she is and was is gone. Not only is it not coming back, a bit more is slipping away every day. What kind of life is that? I'm not really sure, but I do know it's a life I do not want when I get to the end.

I read an article on another blog about a woman whose mind has been torn away by Alzheimer's and she's institutionalized. I don't know how she's being treated, but i'll bet she is just another patient among the masses. So right now she is ill and the family is doing everything possible to prolong her life. Personally, I feel sad for this woman. Not only is she being cared for in an institution instead of a loving family environment, every thing possible is being done to prolong her life. It makes me wonder who's needs are being filled here?

I started this blog for several reasons, but the two main points were to help me, and to help others dealing with the same problems. In both these areas I'm not really sure if it's helping at all. I think my blogging will be winding down over the next couple of months.

Have a great day and again thanks for reading. 


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