Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The Wheels On The Bus Go...

Well things have calmed down over the past few days, both for me personally and for Mom. It's going smoothly enough to remind me of the children's tune, The wheels on the bus go round and round. Paula taught this song to Layla when she was little and they still have a blast singing it together. 

After several days of Mom being up nearly all day long, time has finally caught up with her a bit and she is sleeping a lot more the past few days. She's still eating well so nothing to worry about there right now.

It's kind of funny how every day really is a new day for Mom. Every morning as she comes out for breakfast she notices squirrels on the deck eating peanuts and she will stand there for several minutes just watching. We have at any given time between two and five squirrels on the back deck looking for nuts and it gives her a bit of joy to watch them eat. 

Oh, speaking of animals, I forgot to mention that over the weekend Mom and Layla had a brief argument about who Amy the cat belonged to. Not that it's really important but at the time it was to them. After a short discussion, Layla won the battle and Amy is her cat. lol 

As another follow up note;  the Depend undergarments are kind of working. Mom is still tearing the linings out of a few and she is hiding the ones that are two soiled in the bathtub, but so far she is wearing them most of the time.

Sleep is another issue. You all know I thought it would get better when the stress was gone. Well it hasn't really improved yet. I've probably averaged under four hours per night over the last week. Much of it is sleeping lightly to keep and ear on Mom, since I wake up for most of her late night bathroom trips. Oh well I'll keep working on it. 

Well that's it for now. Thanks for joining in today!

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