Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The Rope Held Fast - The End Of An Era

The rope held fast yesterday; It was down to its last fine thread, but it held and I made it through the day. The house did finally close late in the day bringing about the end of an era. Mom lived in that house for sixty years, my brother and I were both raised in that house. It's a bit sad that it's gone, but it was a necessary step in the circle of life. Most of the stress is already gone and now I can concentrate more toward the task at hand, Mom.

Speaking of Mom, yesterday was a tough day for her. We had a wild wind and dust storm over the weekend that left the deck and lawns covered by massive amounts of pine needles. Once Mom was sitting down for breakfast and had actually started eating, I headed out to blow off the deck with the leaf blower. It took less than ten minutes so I wasn't to worried about Mom since it normally takes her an hour or so just to eat. Once that mission was complete, I came back inside to check how breakfast was progressing and guess what? No Mom. Her breakfast was less than half eaten and she was back in bed. I'm sure with me not sitting across the table from her, she went and looked out the front window, forgetting all about her breakfast. That happens all the time but normally I'm in here to redirect her as she wanders off. After getting her situated back at the table the first thing she brought up was, wait for it, wait for it, "Where's my car," (my next post will be dedicated to Mom and her car).

She finally finished breakfast, but she looked tired, she said she was tired, and headed back to bed. Later in the day she ate a weak lunch leaving it half unfinished and then finished the day with a light dinner. Her calorie intake was a bit lower than I shoot for, but she will be ok, plus she's already been up for bathroom trips twice today so I know she made it through the night. I always worry about what I'll find the next  morning after she's had a bad day. 

Before I forget, I did sleep a little better last night, but only a little. Perhaps as time passes and the reality of reduced stress sinks in maybe my sleeping patterns will improve. 

Well thanks for reading and for sticking through with me during a time that I'm sure my moods weren't always the best. Let's see where this blog goes from here on out. 

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