Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The Life And Times of...Where's My Car?

After nearly a week off, I'm back to writing. Paula took a bit of time off over Labor Day, so I figure that I would too. 

Even though the stress from the house sale has been relieved things are still pretty hectic around here and Mom is making life difficult just adding to the pressure. 

Over the last week, or perhaps couple of weeks, Mom has been on a quest to find out exactly where her car is. The other day she came out of her room to tell me she'd seen it driving up and down the street. It's been every day, several times a day and at times I just want to yell at her and pull my hair out. Well so far I've refrained from getting angry and I don't really have any hair left to pull out so all is well. 

Mom's car looked much like the Chrysler New Yorker in the picture above, but the car in the picture isn't white, doesn't have oxidized paint and it has no rust around the wheel wells. Most of the cars Mom claims are "her car" are newer or brand new SUV's in just about any color other than white. 

Trying to figure Mom out is so difficult. At times I think Mom is just busting my chops about her car to be, well Mom. But I'm never sure. We picked up a new chair for the living room over the weekend and she knows it's a new chair every time she looks at it, but at the same time she can't remember she hair a hair cut Saturday and asks what happened to her hair every day now. So I don't know. It's confusing. 

Other than the car issues she is doing well. She's been eating well and her fluid intake is up about where it should be now. 

Me? I'm doing OK. I'm a bit surprised that sleep is still evading me, but I'm getting by and we did finally get a motion sensor ordered yesterday. With any luck that should make life a bit easier.

Well that's it for now. Have a great day!


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