Monday, September 14, 2015

More Fun Than A Barrel Of...

More fun than a barrel of monkeys? Maybe, maybe not. 

I'm finally up and running on my new laptop. It's a way better machine, but of course it should be it's three years newer. Now comes the task to move gigs and gigs of pictures documents and music. Ugh! I know, it will be worth it in the end. 

So how's Mom been doing the past few days? Pretty well over all, but things have been interesting. Kel was down for the weekend with Layla and one of her friends. All the activity in the house was a bit taxing for Mom, but she came through with flying colors. The first time she woke up while the kids where here, Layla said "Hello great grandma Donna," when she saw Mom. 

Mom being Mom' dealt with the situation in true form. When Layla said hello, Mom asked "How do you know my name?" Well the first hint should have been the words "great grandma," but of course that didn't register at all. Then came the entire "who are you?" Line of questions, but Layla handled that like a champ. Now that Layla is nearly seven, she doesn't seem to fear Mom as she did before. 

Another "kid" thing I don't understand happens with our big kids, "young adults." At times they are astonished at the things Mom can say. I just don't understand why they don't get it. She has no mind lol. Most days she doesn't even know who I am, there is no way that she will ever remember who Layla is. Her Alzheimer's crippled mind just won't let her remember. No, I'm not be cold, it's a bit sad I suppose, but it's the way Mom will be until the end of time and I can deal with that. It's not her fault, she does the best she can, it's the damn disease. 

Most of the time being a caregiver is a breeze, it's time consuming but it's not difficult. Key word there was "most." There are the difficult times though. Would you like an example? OK, here goes. 

As this disease progresses and as Mom gets older, her bathroom incontinence also progress. This means there are accidents. It's not a huge problem yet, but it is a problem that requires constant upkeep in her bathroom. Then there's the fact that Mom never threw anything away over the last ten years and that adds to the problem now. 

Mom still gets around pretty well so she doesn't really need help in the bathroom. Yet at times she really does. If she has an accident she will wash her undergarments in the bathroom sink then hang them to dry in her room. Even though we tell her that they can be washed in the washing machine. It comes either because of embarrassment of forgetfulness. OK, so let's fix the problem by switching her to Depend undergarments that she can just dispose of when she has an accident. Sound good in theory, but it probably won't work so will in a practical application. 

Yesterday, Mom had an accident and instead of disposing of the Depend, she pulled the lining out, tossed it in the garbage and kept the outer shell. Why? I'm sure in her mind the shell was still good so why throw it away. Now there is one more thing to search for on a daily basis. LOL

Sunday was shower day and Mom always puts up a fight. Not a physical fight, but a war with words. When Paula told her that she needed to shower after breakfast, Mom gave her a snippy, typical Mom type reply saying "didn't I do that last time I was here. lol It just doesn't register in her mind that she lives here. Along with that she tried paying me for lunch again the other day too. 

On a brighter note we picked up a new coffee maker the other day. It's a Bonavita BV1800 and it's a real champ. I'll give it a review on the next week or so.

Well that's enough for today. Have a great day and thanks for reading! 

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