Tuesday, September 22, 2015

It's The Crazy Stuff That Keeps Life Interesting

Like I said, it's the crazy stuff that keeps life interesting and Mom is the craziest of them all. No, she's not really crazy, well yeah she kind of is, but really it's the Alzheimer's and she can't help it, most of the time. 

Most mornings now she come out for breakfast without her teeth. Once I see she doesn't have them in her mouth, I retrieve them from her room under one of her pillows. Every time she asks "where did those come from?" and laughs. In fact, pretty much every thing she says or does is funny, to her. 

Last night once she was done with dinner Mom took her coffee cup to the sink, washed it out, filled it with water, had a few sips and set it off to the side to dry once she was done. After drinking her cup of water she noticed my clean coffee cup sitting there and decided she needed more water. When she was done with my cup she dumped the remaining water and set the cup upside down on some other clean dishes. It's funny and it happens all the time. Sure I had to rewash a few dishes, but it's worth it to me for some strange reason.  Along with this, she wrapped her juice glass up with a paper towel and put it in the fridge just to save the three or four remaining half-melted ice cubes. 

The night before, everyone was sitting outside talking while Mom finished dinner and once she had finished eating I could see her trough the window standing at the kitchen sink. Mom standing at the sink normally means she's up to no-good and sure enough that was the case. She had poured water from her drinking glass into a bowl and was having the time of her life splashing water all over the counter. 

Mom does lots of other interesting stuff besides all this. She washes paper plates or fills them with water while they're sitting on the counter. She washes out paper towels, pulls the dirty lining out of her Depend undergarments and lots of other strange to pass the time. 

I received a nice comment on yesterday's face book post about how difficult my task with Mom is. In all reality taking care of Mom isn't that rough, other than her constant need to be argumentative all the time. 

The hard part of this job for me is the worry, which in turn results in a lack of sleep. It's not really the worry about Mom's health, it's declining and I know it is and that it's just nature taking it's course. But I take the responsibility of her care seriously and even with help, I carry the full weight on my shoulders. Sure she can still somewhat function without help, but I do know she wouldn't eat if she wasn't prompted three of four times a day.

Keeping a sense of humor is pretty much the only way for me to survive this ordeal. LOL

Keep it upright today! Thanks for reading!

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