Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Before Sunrise

The last two days have been a bit unique because Mom has been up before sunrise both days. Why? I have no idea, but other than her "where's my car," rant yesterday she's been in good spirits and is eating well. That is until right now.

Just now Mom got up to grab a Kleenex then shuffled off into the kitchen. She went to the sink for a drink of water and now she is trying to steal Kelsey's mail that's on the counter. With a little redirection I have her back at the table finishing her breakfast. Oh the fun!

On a personal note, I did sleep a bit more than the normal three hours last night, but not much. I'm trying to decide which direction to focus my attention; to build a new business from home, or to buy into an existing business. Eventually I will need something to do with my time once I'm no longer watching Mom and now is the perfect time to start building a new business. 

I have a three coffees to review over the next few days and I'm excited about that, plus one is from a local roaster and those are always fun. 

Well, there's not much else today. Have a great day and thanks for reading!


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