Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Sky Is Burning

Due to all the forest fires burning in Washington state smoke has been a real problem for nearly everyone. The past few days the smoke has been lighter around Spokane, but today it seems to be coming back as we had an orange sunrise once again.

Mom had another good three-meal day yesterday, plus she was up several hours once again. Her mood was good and it made her laugh to see the squirrels begging for nuts at the slider--we were out of peanuts and the squirrels were hungry. Thankfully Paula grabbed some peanuts at the store yesterday so they won't be swarming the door, or me again today. 

Remember yesterday's bathroom water disaster that Mom had no part in? Well Paula found more fallout from the event last night. Mom had used two other full rolls of toilet paper to absorb the mess then put them back under the counter. I guess she was hoping they'd dry out to use sometime down the road. Remember, Mom never threw anything away when she lived in her house. 

Oh, before I forget, the "John Carter of Mars" series is finished. They were an inexpensive, enjoyable and fun read. If you liked the movie "John Carter," then I think you'd like the other tales too.

Have a great day and thanks for reading!

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