Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Long And Winding Road

Where do I even begin today? Well let's start with Mom.

Since I didn't want Mom to sleep the entire day away yesterday I woke her for breakfast around 10:30. Well that didn't work quite like I'd planned. She awoke not knowing who she was, where she was, or how she got here. After a short conversation we had things straightened out fairly well, but it still took her over an hour to get out of bed and come out for breakfast. 

It appears that the time is coming when I will need to help her out of bed or she'll just want to stay there all day. 

Along with the other questions, she did ask what's wrong with her. She is well past the days of telling her that Alzheimer's has affected her memory, so I just explained that she's nearly eighty-nine and it's just old age creeping up on her. Even that turned around to bite me because in her mind there's no way she can be eighty-nine years old. Oh, the life of a caregiver! LOL

She was up about three hours for breakfast then slept until we woke her for dinner. By dinner time it appeared some of the fog had lifted and her brain function was bit better . How do I know? Even though I had mowed the back lawn during her afternoon nap the wind had blown a few pine needles into the yard. On her way out for dinner, she peered out the slider at the back yard and then just had to make a comment about how easy it would be for me to go pick them all up. LOL 

Me, how am I doing? I'm tired, I've had less than four hours of sleep the past three or four nights and it's catching up with me. There are several reasons behind this, but most of it's due to this house deal. The buyers requested a week extension on the home inspection, which in turn put things in limbo for another week. We gave them a huge discount on the house to clean it out and repair the bathroom floor, now we are cleaning it out so basicly I just gave money away and that really bothers me. I'm kicking myself for granting this last extension, but then the entire process would start all over again. Ugh! To steal a song title from the Beatles, the past couple of years really have been The Long and Winding Road. 

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Have a great day!

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