Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The Funny Things She Does

After two years of caregiving, the odd or funny things Mom can do during a day still surprises me.

As an example, Paula and I were sitting outside while Mom finished her dinner. Once she was done we came into clean up. Paula asked me what type of plate I'd given Mom, paper or real. I told her it was paper. Then she asked, do you see her plate anywhere? OK, so the search was on. I open the fridge to look and Paula said she'd already looked there, so I opened the freezer and there it was. Four french fries and pile of ketchup were left so of course Mom "had" to save it.

It's not Paula's fault she couldn't' find the plate, she doesn't have the experience searching for Mom's hidden treasures like I do. 

I've spent hours searching for stuff, finding coffee cups or plates hidden in desks, in the cupboard with the clean dishes, buried in the fridge, behind humidors and under newspapers. 

But wait, that's not all folks!

The other day I'd given Mom soup for lunch and boy can she eat soup. She can down a bowl of soup faster than a linebacker and faster I can have a smoke. Back to the story, I'd given her soup plus a half sandwich for lunch then went outside for a smoke. When I came back in, to check on her, she was spinning her bowl that was sitting on the table with one hand while holding her spoon in the center of the bowl while it spun. I asked if she wanted more soup before I'd really noticed what she was up to. She had eaten all of her soup, then poured half her coffee in the bowl and was playing with the coffee. Go figure, lol. It escapes me just what she was trying to accomplish, but I guess she was having fun. 

She does other odd things too; washes out paper towels and paper plates. She fills paper plates with water then sets them on the counter to soak, wraps half eaten toast in a napkin and hides it in the napkin basket, puts sandwiches in her dresser. The list could go on almost forever. 

These are a few of the reasons that she's been so time consuming the last few months. It seems if I let her out of my sight, she knows it and is immediately starts her mischief. She really does have toddler type behavior most of the time now. 

All of this does make me sad, while at the same time it's pretty funny. Well at least it's funny to me. I guess finding the humor in things is part of  my coping mechanism so Mom's decline doesn't get me down. At least she's here with us being well cared for and that's what counts!  

I'll let Emerson, Lake & Palmer take us out today - "Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends. We're so glad you could attend, come inside, come inside"!

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