Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Never In A Million Years...

did I expect something like this to happen.

Yesterday around noon, Paula and I were just settling down to watch The Last Ship. It's a show on TNT that I've really gotten into this season. Anyway I look out the window and she a Sheriff's cruiser pull up to the house and park. Now that's odd. As the officer is walking toward the house, I go meet him at the front door. He explains that he was sent to do a welfare check on Mom by Mom's past caregiver. 

Mom's past caregiver wasn't really a caregiver, she helped Mom pay her bills, sort of. Even with her help I had to get Mom's TV, power and phone turned back on more than once until I had them all set up on auto pay.

The officer explained this person had told him that she held a POA over Mom, and that Mom was in the beginning stages of dementia. I laughed and explained I hold the POA and Mom is in the advanced stages of Alzheimer's. He asked if the complainant was a family member and I told him no, she was just a friend of Mom's. With that he just shook his head. He told me that once he saw our address, we live in nice neighborhood, he knew the claims were bogus, but he was required to come anyway. He was getting ready to leave, but I insisted that he come in and check on  Mom since he was here. 

Mom had just gotten up for lunch so he got to see her in fine form, she didn't even remember who this woman was, but she wanted the officer to sit down so they could chat. lol 

On the way out, I explained to him that the caregiver is angry that I won't take Mom to our monthly lunch meetings anymore because it's just more than she can handle. This he completely understood. I also relayed the she was angry that I didn't take Mom to Aunt Donna's funeral. We chatted for a few more minutes, he took off and all was well. Except, I was pretty pissed off over the entire ordeal and I knew it would throw Mom off for the day, perhaps even longer. 

Needless to say, after an ample amount of time had passed to call her back, I called her and it was fun. That may sound vindictive and it was! I was pissed off, To make a long story short, I told her she had no right to do that since she wasn't family, she replied she did because Mom was a very good friend. To this I angrily replied, "well if Mom is such a good friend, why haven't you came to the house for a visit? I've invited you over a dozen times". To this there was no reply so I handed the phone to Mom.

Mom had no idea who she was talking to but after saying hello, the first words of her mouth were, "I don't have a car anymore. Do you know where my car is"?

She can talk big all she wants but I'm sure she will never come see Mom, that's not what it was about. It was all about her selfish needs to see Mom and I won't upset the balance I work so hard to achieve by taking Mom to see her.

After Mom was off the phone, she had no idea who she had been talking to, in fact she had  no idea who I was. Plus it did throw her off. She refused to get up for dinner, that's like the first time ever, but she got up at 8:30 and ate. Who knows what today will bring since she's not up yet.

That's enough of this tale! LOL

On the brighter side I'm now on the fifth "John Carter" book, "The Chessmen of Mars". It's not gonna take long to get this entire series knocked out.

Plus we received a very low-ball offer on Mom's house yesterday. We countered, but I have confidence they will take it.

Again, thanks for reading and have a great day!

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