Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Houston We Have A Problem

Overall yesterday was a good day for Mom, but it wasn't one of my better days. Mom was up several hours throughout the day and she ate three full meals. The daily fun began and my day went south right after Mom finished eating her lunch. 

After finishing her lunch Mom headed into the bathroom. OK, no problem she does that after almost every meal. A few minutes later I was in the kitchen doing a coffee pour-over when unexpectedly Mom walked back into the kitchen. When I turned around she said, "I think there's a problem in the bathroom." Well it wouldn't be the first time she'd flushed a depends or an entire handful of paper towels plugging up and overflowing the toilet. 

As I walk into the bathroom the first thing that catches my eye is an entire roll of toilet paper sitting on the vanity. The roll is swollen to twice its original size with absorbed water and then I see there's about an inch of standing water covering the entire floor. In addition to the water on the floor, the entire vanity is covered with water.

I squished across the floor to check the toilet and it was fine, but there were about six of Mom's combs lying on a towel sitting on top of the toilet tank. Well two plus two did equal four today so it was pretty easy to deduce that Mom had intentionally plugged the sink while washing her combs. Why would she do that?  I have no idea. There's an overflow drain in the sink to prevent it from overflowing but one of Mom's hankies was lying soaking wet next to the sink so I'm pretty sure she'd used that as a second stopper. I asked Mom how she had over filled the sink and she denied she had anything to do with it. LOL yeah right Mom.

As I cleaned up the wet rugs and mopped up the water Mom stood in the door directing me and pointing out every drop of water until I was done. Thanks for the help Mom, I never would have been able to do it without you!

I'm not angry at Mom, it's my fault that I wasn't paying closer attention. It's a perfect example of how closely she needs to be watched now. Someone has to save her from herself, she can't do it anymore.

Moving on to the next reason my day went south. The buyers for Mom's house are trying to get another extension so their inspector can finish his inspection. Why they want this I don't know. When I was up there on Friday they came out and looked at everything they were curious about, saying they were satisfied and we could close.

We really robbed from Peter to pay Paul this month to cover the added expense of four trips to Colville and all the dumping fees. If it doesn't close on September 1st, I'll hire someone to cut the saw logs off the property and raise the price back up since it's cleaned out now. Cleaning out all the crap from the house was a positive but the stress this has created is almost mind-numbing for me. Some days I just don't know how I get by. Sleep is practically non existent again the past few days from all of the stress and the lack of sleep just makes things worse. Ugh, it's a vicious circle.  

On the bright side, yesterday was a huge traffic day for both blogs and today is starting out with another mad rush. On the down side, I finished my last coffee sample and am now out of coffee to review. That makes me sad for a couple of reasons. First, I love good coffee! Second, with Mom's current schedule it's way easier to review coffee than it is cigars. If Mom gets up while I'm reviewing a coffee, I just make another cup to sample. If it's a cigar, the review is blown because I think letting a cigar go out then re-lighting it changes the flavor and it's not a fair review. Another Ugh! LOL

Well, that's all for now. Have a great day and thanks again for reading! BTW, please share these posts and visit my sponsor below. 

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