Friday, August 14, 2015

Does She Have A Hollow Leg?

Today is kind of a hit or miss day. But overall it's going pretty well. 

Mom was up around 9:00 and wolfed down a three egg, plus the trimmings, breakfast in near record time. 

Yesterday she was off a touch more than normal. She finished breakfast, headed for the bathroom, then came out thirty minutes later looking for breakfast. She'd already forgotten her first breakfast so of course I made her another. She did get three full meals yesterday so that's a plus. 

It's funny, on a day-to-day basis, Mom eats more than I do. I just don't know where she puts it all and I don't know why she doesn't gain weight. She burns zero calories sleeping and eating. Then there are the bathroom trips, it seems like every time she goes in there the last week it's thirty minutes. What does she do in there for that amount of time? We can hear her opening and closing every drawer several times, but what she does the rest of the time is beyond me. lol

Paula and I spend a great deal of time last night looking at and reading about motion sensors. We found several models that will work, some will even send alerts to my phone, which is exactly what I want. But you know what baffles me? Me, that's what. Why didn't I put one of these up a year ago? It would have given me a great deal more freedom other than being stuck inside or limited to the back deck. During the day it wouldn't be a problem to be working on something and then come in when she goes past the bathroom into the kitchen. Plus, I'm not really worried about her wandering off during the day, it's when I'm sleeping that scares  me and actually costs me sleep. 

The Realtor called today and said we received another low-ball offer on the house last night that we can use as a backup incase the current deal falls apart. At least the house is still being shown. It's Friday, inspection day on the house and my stress level has been over the top, eventhough the Realtor said the inspection was today, he now says it was yesterday. Since no news is good news it's helped the stress a bit, but he is checking to find out what going on. 

I guess that's enough for right now. Have a great day and again, thanks for reading! 


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