Tuesday, August 11, 2015

And How Do You Know That?

Yep. Mom does it daily!
There are so many things to say, so many things to talk about that sometimes I just don't know where to start. I forget a lot of things I want to write about because things happen so fast, I read so much about Dementia and my mind is always in a whirlwind of thought about everything. 

So yesterday I spent a bit of time reading an article on the usnews.com/health website. The main topic covered was caring for family members with Dementia. 

Within the article there were some great statistics on Alzheimer's. The article projects there will be a 40 percent rise in Alzheimer's cases bringing the total to 7.1 million people afflicted by 2025. That's a staggering increase over the next ten years. 

The article also noted that 60 percent of caregivers deal with abnormally high amounts of stress and 40 percent have depression. Hello!! You think! LOL 

It also recommended that caregivers, that provided an estimated 17.9 billion hours of unpaid care last year, need to seek help. That too made me laugh. There is no real help for caregivers, I've been down that road many times. So what, take the little time I do have when I'm not isolated and spend it talking with strangers in a support group? I don't think so. My time is precious and the little time away from home I do get, I want to do something fun or interesting. 

Anyway it was good read and the link above will take you right to the article if you'd like to read it for yourself.

Sunday was shower day for Mom and let me tell you Paula does a great job of dealing with her. But getting Mom showered is worse than dealing with a cranky 3 year old. At least with a 3 year old you can pick them up and put in the bath, but not Mom, It's an argument all the way. 

In fact Mom's entire attitude towards Paula is a thing of beauty. Mom can be rude and angry with me at times, well most of the time, but she's always snarky with Paula. As an example, after the shower, Paula gave Mom some cookies and milk as a treat--remember we are dealing with a 3 year old mentality most of the time. While they sat and talked Mom asked when her mother was going to stop by to visit. Paula explained that grandma has been gone for many years now. Mom then went down the list of a few other relatives and Paula explained they were all gone and that She will be 89 this year. Of course Mom scoffed at that and said she couldn't be that old. After playing the math game a bit, Paula told Mom that her son Dan just turned 57. With that, Mom gave her a stern look, twisted her head and said something in a rude tone like, "and how do you know that"? So of course Paula explained we were married and I live here to. With that Mom said, "oh", and was pretty happy for a bit. 

However, like always the happiness quickly faded and the next words out of Mom's mouth were, "where's my car"? It just never ends. From now on I'm going to try telling her it's in the shop getting repaired and see how that goes. 

I have more about yesterday to write, but sleep evaded me again last night and I'm shot already today. Perhaps I will get to it later today, if not, tomorrow then.

Have a great day and thanks for reading!

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