Thursday, August 27, 2015

An Odd Tale, The Philosophy Of A Caregiver

Here's an odd one for you. A couple days ago Paula and I were talking and she suggested that some day we write our own obituaries. At first that struck me as odd, but after a few minutes of deep contemplation it actually sounded like a good idea and here's why. 

As I thought about this topic, I began to wonder if the person whom did write my obituary would hit upon the points that I thought were important. Perhaps they would, but then again maybe not. 

Does anyone but me know how much I loved the sawmill? I don't think so. It was a way of life taken from myself and thousands of others in this state due to bad laws, the use of science fiction instead of science fact and public opinion. Anyone that has flown over our forests at low altitude knows our forests are dying from severe pine beetle and tussock moth infestations. The fires that are claiming lives, property, tax dollars and public land are partially due to some of the laws that were passed over the past thirty years and with the aid of poor forest management of public lands. Anyway that's way off topic, but I did love the sawmill and I did inspire people. There was not one occasion in twenty years of sawmilling and supervision that I asked someone to do something I was unwilling to do myself.  

I've lived a good life, a full life, a rewarding life, not that it's over yet, because it's not. I feel I've been very successful, at times monetarily, at times not so much, if that's how you want to measure life. But money is not the most important aspect of life for me. To me it's who you are and what you do. I've always treated people fairly, with respect and decency; that's success in my opinion. That part is very important to me. I'm sure someone out there would call that a lie, but I'm old-school and you have to earn what you get back.

Another key point is my integrity. I looked at an online job application today and it asked the question, "Describe a time when your integrity was tested and what was the outcome? " I scoffed at the question and thought to myself, "my integrity is impeccable," and in my mind it is. Sure there are times I change my mind on things. but if it's for someone else, I tell them why, and of course I am human, I do forget things, but I try my best to always keep my word. That's important to me. That's why I'm taking care of Mom. Before Dad passed away he asked me to look after her, I told him I would, and I am. I hope this inspires others, because it's not an easy task. It would be easy to give in and put Mom in a nursing home, but that's not what's best for Mom and it's not what I promised Dad.

There's more, lots more, but these few things listed here make me feel very successful and rich beyond my wildest dreams!

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