Thursday, August 13, 2015

A Simple Thank You Can Accomplish Amazing Things.

Things are changing again with Mom, it could be the hot weather is back, it could be age and her Alzheimer's, I'm not sure yet. The last few days she's been sleeping a great deal more and is more confused than ever when she is up. On days that are over ninety degrees we are running the air conditioner, but she insists upon opening her window. I close the window every chance I get and explain to her that it's hot out--which always shocks her--but then she opens it again when she goes back to bed. It's just one big loop. 

We have been able to get two solid meals in her each day so I'm not to worried about that, but her fluid intake is down a bit and she wants to argue when I push the issue, but I push anyway. I Guess it's sort of like a payback for her always nagging me as a kid. However, it's for her own good and I'm not being malicious like she was by trying to rule with an iron fist. 

I'm now on book eight of the John Carter of Mars series, I found it the e-version for $.99. That's not as good as the first seven for $.99 but it's still pretty darn good. Reading is still providing me some nice stress relief as needed. 

Something happened yesterday that completely made my day. Paula had just gotten home and I was trying to wind down from yesterday's furious pace when a twitter direct message came in. It was from Jackie at Bonita Smoke Shop. Heck I'll just paste it. 

"Hi Dan…… This is Jackie from Bonita Smoke Shop. I was reading your blog about your mom. Just wanted to say bless you for caring for her. If you would give me your address I'd like to send you the cigars I blended. This is not to get a write up on them... this is just a way to say thank you to a truly caring human being!"

It's hard to express how this made me feel, but it made me feel great that someone I don't even know noticed what I do and said thanks. I told Jackie that I'd probably review the cigars because that's what I do, and she again insisted that I don't. So maybe I will, maybe I won't. LOL

I have to take my hat off to Jackie. What she did was a pure random act of kindness, the type of thing that makes the world a better place. 

Well Mom is up and in the bathroom so I'll say so-long for now. Have a great day! 


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