Monday, August 24, 2015

A Long And Winding Road - Is It Friday?

Over the weekend, and oh-boy, it was a long one, we finally finished cleaning the house. What a job it turned into. Over the past fifty years I don't think Mom or Dad threw anything away. The amount of busted-up, worn-out, useless-crap was nearly overwhelming. With lots of help from the kids, we were able to pull it off and it feels good to finally be done. 

Completing this project has been a long and winding road but, after finishing this up, Paula and I have vowed not to do this to our kids. I understand it's human nature, well at least for some of us, to keep things we may use in the future, or may repair some day. No, in all reality, it probably won't get used down the road, nor will broken items get repaired. 

As an example, we have a full storage unit that we've been paying rent on the last seven years. Yes, seven years! Other than my entire Stephen King book collection and a boxes upon boxes of '90-91 baseball cards, how important is the rest of it? Not very or we'd be using it. We've spent $7000+ over the years to keep a bunch of crap that didn't even have that much value new. It's crazy. 

Since I was gone Friday and Saturday I didn't get to see Mom much until yesterday. It was passed along that by Saturday she was getting pretty rude, she can be really good at that, but I was able to spend yesterday with her and I think it helped. Overall she wasn't too bad, but we had to go over the entire "where's my car," ordeal, which she handled it pretty well, plus she even knew I was her son. 

Last night we made her  tomato soup and a fried egg sandwich for dinner. When Paula put the sandwich on the table she told Mom it was a fried egg sandwich. To this Mom said "Is it Friday?" It took three tries for Mom to understand fried egg instead of Friday, but once she realized the error she laughed for several minutes about. It was nice to hear her really laugh. 

Well that's is for now. I pretty much missed three days and need to get some other stuff done. Have a great day and thanks for reading!


Unknown said...

Wish I could get that through to my mom and dad. 4 sheds, closets, house packed with stuff. I moved in 6 years ago with my 32 years of worldly goods hammered down to 13 boxes.

Unknown said...

Dan, this is Jennie (Starkey) ... don't know why it keeps putting me at unknown

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