Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The Cat In The Trap

Every day there's something to write about if I want. Today, it's Amy, Madi's/Layla's cat. 

I was out having a smoke when Mom got up for lunch. I'd heard her in the bathroom so it was pretty much under control, or not. LOL

When Mom came into the kitchen Amy was standing at the screen wanting out like always. We don't let her out because the first thing she does is climb on the roof and try getting in Mom's bedroom window.

Of course Mom walked right over to the screen door and tried letting her out. Again, I told Mom she doesn't go outside, this happens just about every day, because she's an inside cat. Of course this instantly goes against Mom's grain. For two reasons. First all cat's are outside cats unless she wants them in the house, second, because she didn't get her way. Mom spent her entire life, until moving in with us, getting her way.

Mom's first come back was, "she needs water", then it's "she needs to go to the bathroom". Like always I explain there is food, water and a cat box downstairs. Not satisfied by these answers she walks over to the sink, grabs a dirty coffee cup and starts filling it with water. I ask what she's doing and of course she was getting the cat water. Again with go through the entire basement reply again and by now Mom is a bit mad. 

She turned around to look at the cat and saw yesterday's mail on the counter and thoughts of the cat were instantly gone. The mail had grabbed her attention and she was off in another world. 

Mom and mail is another good story, but we'll save that one for another day.

By the way, the picture is Amy in a "cat trap", normally it's a box but a hamper works just fine her too. 

Have a great day!


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