Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Surprise, Surprise

This is what makes life fun: at any given moment you just never know what Mom will say, or do. 

Last week, in an attempt to curb the daily stolen car conversations with Mom, we decided to rearrange the dining room so Mom couldn't stare out the window at the neighbors cars. I know, that sounds a bit mean, but it's not, it's necessary for my survival. Plus she can still see out the living room window while she's eating. 

Anyway the day we moved things around Mom came out for dinner. After sitting at the table for a few minutes she asked if we had just painted the dining room wall. Paula was the first to reply telling her we did it well over a year ago.

Mom just said something like"oh", laughed, like she does about everything she says, and went back to eating. 

Well close to a week has passed since then and the move has really helped with the stolen car bit. Last night when mom came out for dinner I noticed and thought to myself, wow she looks like she's with it tonight. Sure enough before she even sat down she made a comment that we'd moved the dining room around. Not wanting to start 100 questions, I just replied that yes we had. 

So this sounds great. Right? Wrong. It can change in a blink of an eye. 

While Mom was eating Paula and I were eight feet away watching TV. With cat-like stealth Mom got up from the table, opened up and laid out a full sheet of newspaper on the kitchen floor. In the center of the paper she had put about one third of her diner on a napkin for the dog to eat. With luck we found it before the dog did. LOL

She can be so sneaky at times. That's why I have to watch her so close. I know at times she hates it but the minute she catches me not paying attention, she's up and into something. Just like trying to heat her cup of coffee on the burner last week.

Well as Spock would say, "Live long and prosper"!

Oh the picture of Pluto. I'm fascinated space. I figured I'd add it since it's a land mark day for NASA. 


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