Monday, July 13, 2015

Sometimes The Smallest Things...

Cause the biggest problems. 

Yesterday after helping Mom shower, Paula dressed her in the pajamas we gave her for Mother's Day this year. Now mind you, Mom has worn these pj's many times over the past few months, but yesterday she was off half a notch I guess. Well maybe even a full notch. 

Mom was up most of the day yesterday. After eating she would head to back to her room for a bit, then come back out a few minutes later for food, coffee or the paper. Sometimes all three-- she ate four solid meals yesterday, after we found her teeth under the bed before breakfast. Each time she came out, she would ask if the pj's she had on were hers? Each time one of us would explain they were her's and they were a Mother's day gift from us. That news delighted her, but she didn't remember buying them. Well of course she didn't remember buying them, they were a gift and some days she doesn't even remember her own name. LOL

The real kicker came at dinner time. Luckily Paula went to tell Mom dinner was ready. When Paula opened Mom's door, she found her naked, sitting on the bed. Mom had taken the pj's off, I'm guessing since they didn't belong to her and hadn't thought to get dressed again. After getting back in her pj's Mom came out for dinner, but again had to ask who the pj's belonged to. 

Dealing with Mom can be comical at times, but it can get tough dealing with it day after day after day. Just like today, once she was awake and had her teeth, it took an hour and several promptings for her to come out for breakfast. She'd found pictures on her dresser and was mesmerized by them. 

Well thanks for again for reading. Have a great day!


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