Monday, July 20, 2015

Smooth As Glass - Broken Glass

Actually, for the most part, since we moved the dining room around, things have been running along pretty smoothly. Mom not being able to stare at the neighbor's cars while she eats did cure 90% of the questioning about her car. Whew!

However there's another change with Mom. I'm not sure if this is temporary or the beginning of the downward spiral Mom's doctor warned me about. The last three or four days Mom's been down to two meals per day, and she's only picking at her dinner. 

I'm not to worried at the moment since she's still eating a huge breakfast every day. But, just in case this is long term we've been reading more about elder care diets and we've came up with a couple changes to try over the next few days. The two biggest changes are more calories at breakfast, decaff coffee at lunch and dinner (if we don't skip it all together, but Mom loves coffee), and dinners on the lighter side. 

Mom's still all over the place schedule wise. Friday she was up at 5:50 AM, Saturday around 11:00, yesterday 10:00 and 9:30 today. Today, I'll put more effort into getting her to eat three meals and see how that goes.

The picture? For those of you that have never been a care giver on a day in day out basis, it's a bit like that. At Least it feels like it to me. It's way more than taking care and cooking for someone four to eight hours a day. It's the stress, the isolation, the feeling of being trapped. In fact it's so difficult I'm not searching for a job that pays enough that I can hire a day time care giver. 

There are many pro's and cons to this. I'm sure Mom's quality of care will suffer a bit, but I think this responsibility is killing me from the inside out a little more every day. However, Spokane is a special city. What you know isn't important, it's the letters behind your name. Plus what 30 year old business owner or manager is going to hire someone that has more years of practical experience than they have in age. 

Here's a good example of Spokane business philosophy. A few months back I hit up a company about doing their social media for a mere $250 per month and  how it could improve their web sales. I was told, "we're pretty happy with our web sales so we don't need any help". At that time, my measly little cigar & coffee blog had an rating of 600,000 world wide (it's since fallen due to lack of posting on my part), and their, happy and busy sales web site had a rating of 16,000,000. With a rating like that, I know how much traffic they were getting, NONE! LOL It's  hard to win when you're dealing with big ego's and little minds. They could have easily tripled their web sales, probably more with a little of my help. 

Well that's enough for day. Mom is now eating and looking confused as ever. . .

Live long and prosper everyone!


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