Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Just When You Have It All Figured Out...

...the theory gets shot down!

With yesterday's post, I thought that I'd figured it all out. Well, kind of I guess. So right after I made that post, Mom actually got on her own for breakfast. After a couple hours she went back to her room for what I thought was her normal nap. That was  not to be. 

When she came out of her room an hour later for lunch I could tell she hadn't been back to bed. I thought to myself it might be a good thing because now she might sleep through the night. 

After lunch she said she was tired and she did take a nap. About 6:30 she came out all on her own for dinner and ate like a linebacker for the third time. She stayed up about an hour then wandered back to bed. Like I said, I thought with the amount of hours she'd been up and the amount of food she'd consumed, she would be out for the night. But again, I was wrong. 

Well like normal I couldn't sleep so I was outside reading. After a bit Kenna came outside and told me Mom was up wandering around the house. Crap. Mom soon went back to bed without any direction for me but I was up until she turned her light out around midnight. 

Come to find out, she was up the night before and no one told me. lol I guess that going to bed before midnight will soon be out of the question. Fun, fun, fun!

Well today, she got up again on her own right at 9:30 again so we will see where today takes us. I already had to find her teeth so she could eat. How her teeth get under her bed is beyond me. I guess she kicks them or something because they're just not under the edge, they are all the way to the middle. 

Have a great day!


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