Thursday, July 9, 2015

Exasperating Is Putting It Mildly

Boy is that an understatement! I woke Mom up at Noon today--she'd been up for bathroom visits twice already so I wasn't worried about her. However, she fell back to sleep and I had to wake her up again five minutes later. Of course, she had no teeth, but the last month or so they are normally under a pillow, unless she's sitting on them, and they were quickly found. 

She's been up for nearly two hours and had finally finished eating. I thought it was safe to run downstairs and grab a bag of ice from the freezer. Boy was I was wrong!

In the two minutes, probably closer to one minute, I found her standing in front of the stove trying to warm her half cup of coffee. She had found the stove and the burner knob so her cup was on the burner with the burner set on high. No harm, no foul, but this is why she can't be left alone for even a minute. 

I put her coffee in the microwave to rewarm it for her, it's right above the stove, but she can't find it, and went to fill my cup with ice. As I was getting ice Mom walked over to the fridge and read the drivers license renewal form hanging there and said, "I wonder if Dan has seen this"? My reply was "yes I have". This started the normal banter of "Are you Dan"?

Quickly the conversation jumped to her car being at the neighbors and she needs to get it back. However, today there were no cars in the driveway for her to see so I now know with no uncertainty she's pulling this crap just to be her true bitchy-old-self, the Mom I grew up with. LOL

I  hope you find this as amusing as I do. Have a great day! 


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