Wednesday, July 22, 2015

But It's Early

Yesterday was a total crap day for me. I couldn't sleep the night before and at midnight I heard Mom's door open as she headed to the bathroom. About fifteen minutes later she is opening every drawer in there and banging it closed. I laid in bed listening another fifteen minutes or so and when I didn't hear her go back to her room I drug my tired ass out of bed to check on her. 

I alway use the outside doors at night, out the bedroom door, in the kitchen slider, so if Mom is in bed I don't wake her. Once out on the deck the first thing I noticed was the cat. Mom had let the damn cat out, again. That was enough to know she hadn't went back to bed and I'd better find out just what she was up to.

Once inside I found Mom sitting on the couch reading the paper. When I asked her why she was up so late she looked at her 40 year old wrist watch that she forgets to wind and told me it wasn't late, it was only 8:30. Well to shorten this story up a bit. After pointing to the wall clock just above her head and explaining it was near 1:00 AM, giving her a snack and something to drink I finally got her headed back to bed. 

Consequently it was 3:00 before I finally made it to bed and I was totally shot yesterday. I did however make sure she was up for all three meals yesterday and with that she slept through the night.

Well I had a great deal more to write, but I'm still shot from yesterday so maybe I'll do it tomorrow.

As always, thanks for reading and have a great day!


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