Friday, May 1, 2015

Those Weeds Are Driving Me Crazy - The Dandeion

Before Mom moved in with us, picking weeks in her yard consumed a major portion of her day. Well at least the days not spent at the Casino. 

Well you know how time consuming she's been this spring, It seems I can't leave her alone for five minutes, so there really hasn't been any time to take care of the flower beds. 

The dandelions are in full bloom now and every time Mom looks out the front window she can see a few of those pesky buggers just below the window and they drive her nuts and yesterday was no exception. 

She looked out the window late in the afternoon, saw the dandelions down below and wanted to rush out and pick the heads off. After a minute or two of pondering that thought she turned to me and said, "maybe I'll do it tomorrow".

I gave her a simple "OK", as a reply and she walked away to her room satisfied for the time being. However, since she's Mom, I know that under all that was a stab directed at me for not having it taken care of it by now. Yesterday she did think we were heading into winter so I've had all summer to take care of those weeds. 

Once she was in her room and the door closed behind her, I grabbed a smoke, ran outside and pulled the flowers off every one of them. I know there will be more blooms tomorrow, but that will give me another day of reprieve and with luck I can go dig them out on Saturday.

I'll end this one here, but I think my next post will be on the wild and crazy stuff Mom says on a daily basis. Some of it's pretty fun and you'll be surprised how much she says. 

Have a great day! 


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