Monday, May 4, 2015

The Things She Can Say - I'm So Dizzy

On a daily basis I just never know what questions Mom will hit me with. There are a couple sayings that you know you'll hear, but beyond that it's a daily crap-shoot.

For example, every morning when I set her breakfast on the table, she will either say, "oh my goodness, oh my goodness", or just "oh my, oh my". 

About every other day, normally after she looks out the front window, she will ask either "I had a car didn't I"? or "Where's my car. Both of these bring on an entire line of questioning if I can't get the subject changed. 

Even if I get a good segway in, a "where's my car" day will always eventually lead into a "who's in my house"? day. If I can get the subject changed that may be the end of it for the day, but then again maybe not. 

One morning last week she came out in the morning and the first words out of her mouth were. "how did I get here"? 
"I brought you Mom. Do you want some breakfast"?
She replied "Yes, I'm hungry". 

That was a goo topic changer and it worked, for about ten minutes. She was eating and I was sitting here across the table writing when she looked up and asked me, "are you my son"?
I replied "yes". 
Then to my dismay she replied "I didn't think I bore any children". 

I about fell out of my chair with that one. Holding back a laugh and a very sarcastic reply like, "no we were hatched". I simply told her that Steve and I were adopted. Without saying another word she lowered her gaze back to her plate and continued eating her breakfast.

Later in the day I was outside moving the sprinkler in the back yard. The screen door was closed on the slider, Mom walked up to the door and asked me, "where's Jack"?
I asked "Dad"?
She said "Yes".
I told her that Dad had died about 15 years ago and she replied, "oh, I didn't know that. That's too bad".
That was actually the first time she had mentioned Dad in well over a year.

After Paula got home the same day she was sitting out on the deck when Mom came out for her dinner. Mom looked out the kitchen window then asked, "who is that sitting there"?

Well most days she has no idea who I am so I'm not surprised she doesn't know who Paula is. 

I could go on and on, but that's enough for today. 

On the brighter side, she is getting back into her normal schedule so perhaps I can start reviewing cigars soon.

Have a great day!


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