Friday, May 8, 2015

Just When You Thought It Was Safe

It appeared that perhaps Mom was getting back on schedule, but actually she's far from it. On Wednesday she was up for breakfast around 8:30, ate, then took a nap until about Noon when she got up for lunch. After lunch she took another nap and was down until around 4:00. Well that's pretty close to her "old normal", so I was thinking so far so good, she back on track. Right?


Yesterday, Mom was up bright and early at 6:30. She had a couple cups of coffee and breakfast then headed back to her room. But, she was only in her room about ten minutes and came back out around 9;45. She'd carried her last coffee cup out with her and stopped in the kitchen to look at the clock on the stove. After looking at the clock she made a comment about how late it was getting. I replied to her, "late? It's morning Mom". Hearing this she said, "No it's not" and slammed her coffee cup down on the cutting board.

Now that was a flashback to the Mom I grew up with. LOL

She stayed up until about 2:00, took a two hour nap then was ready for dinner. She ate, then we ate, and she ate again. It was a two dinner night. After dinner she was off to bed.

So what will today bring?

It was 10:30 before she came out for breakfast, fully dressed and carrying her wallet. It appeared she was going somewhere. She finished breakfast and headed off to her room. At least that's what I thought.

I was sitting here writing and didn't watch her go into her room, but about two minutes after she toddled off, I went out to have a smoke. To my surprise Mom was standing on the back deck.

Ah,  now I know why she was dressed. The cogs must have been in sync today because she was after the dandelions that drive her so crazy. I stayed with her as she picked the heads off a few, but she was so unstable I made her stop and sit down while I grabbed her some coffee. Well that worked, once she had her coffee in hand she decided it was too cold out and wanted to go in.

She watched TV for a bit then I made her some lunch. It's nearly 2:30 and she's still going strong today.

This new schedule, or lack there of, has created havoc trying to do cigar reviews. I just can't count on a two hour block of time like I could in the past. Plus now you see why I can't really let her out of eye-sight. I know it drives her crazy, but it must be done to keep her safe.

Well thanks again and have a great Mothers day weekend! 


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