Thursday, April 30, 2015

More Than A Handful--Of Nuts--Today

As I mentioned earlier, Mom started out pretty good, then hit her question everything mode for a bit then settled down to about  normal.

Things were going along pretty smooth as she drank her coffee while I fixed her lunch. Once lunch was on the table, I thought it was safe to head outside for a smoke. Well I thought wrong.

Once the slider was opened just a crack to come back in I could hear the TV blaring all the way out on the deck. When I made it through the kitchen I found Mom's lunch still sitting on the table un-touched and she was standing in the living room remote in hand. The channel had been changed to some infomercial and she was still cranking the volume up. I managed to get the remote away finally and got it turned down to a manageable level that she could still hear and put it on a JFK documentary for her. Once I did that she sat down on the love seat to watch TV. I chuckled a bit an then asked her if she was going to finish her lunch that was getting cold on the table. That only took about ten attempts to get across since she thought I was saying beach and had forgotten her lunch. Go figure. When she's in bed she can hear the slightest noise anywhere in the house, but she can't understand anything I say unless I'm near yelling. 

She did finally lay down, for about ten minutes. Once she was down, I head out to get the mail, but she must have heard the door and was in the kitchen attacking a fingernail with a knife when I came back in. We've given her about twenty nail files, but she's hidden them and I've not been able to find them anywhere in her room. 

Oh well, another wild and crazy day! LOL

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