Friday, April 24, 2015

It's Not Easy: Part V - The Aftermath

Well let's conclude this long story by bringing it to the present day--two weeks after the final HHC in-home visit.

Since the last visit things with Mom have been pretty unstable. Her schedule is sporadic, but she's at least eating well consuming 3 to 5 meals per day. 

For the last week she's been up early with short naps all day long. Yesterday she was up at 6:00 AM and she stayed up all day until around 7:00 PM. Today thing are a bit different. 

Today, she was up early again about 6:30 AM, stayed up two hours then took a three hour nap before lunch. That's getting closer to normal. But it gives  me no time to review since I don't know if she'll be up every ten minutes like yesterday.

However, I can how the day will progress the first few minutes she's up. The first thing she asked me today was, "how did I get here"? I told her that I had brought her here and asked her if she knew my name. She had no idea who I was, but was happy to find out I was her son. I always chuckle inside on these days. 

A bit later we had to play the "where is my car and who's in my house" game a couple times, but we made it through when I changed the subject to today's weather. Maybe in another week things will be back to normal.

The picture with this post. It's my world during the day. Leaning against that post I can see when Mom is up because she always comes into the kitchen first on a quest for coffee. If I don't intercept her, this will go awry nearly every time these days. 

That pretty much brings us up to date and brings the home heath care saga to a conclusion. There may be more posts that tie end to these, but the long story is over!

Have a great day! Thanks for reading and for all your great replies. Keep them coming please. 


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