Thursday, April 23, 2015

It's Not Easy: Part III - The Appointment

Finally and without further incident, other than the painstaking slow trek helping Mom from the car to the doctor's office, we'd made it. Once she was checked in at the front desk, the entire "why are we here?" line of questioning and her negative rebuttals to the situation continued until a nurse called her name and we headed off toward the exam room. 

It was a short wait for the nurse that took Mom's vitals and by now she'd calmed down a bit. At least for the time being the barrage of questions had stopped. 

After the nurse finished her duties and left the room, Mom only had time to ask me once what we were doing there before the doctor saved  me by knocking on the door. 

The doctor exchanged greetings with the two of us then started his usual "how do you feel?" line of questioning toward Mom. So far so good, but the real fun was about to start. 

As the doctor and I were talking, Mom would continually interrupt asking the doctor why she was there to see him and then inform him in her matter-of-fact surly tone that there was nothing wrong with her. Each time he would stop and calmly explain that she was 88 and he just wanted to make sure she was doing well, plus he wanted to check her puffy eye. Once he started testing the progression her dementia over the past year, Mom's attitude really degraded. 

Mom couldn't answer any of the doctor's questions such as "who is the President?" When she didn't know the answer she would curtly reply "I don't care, why does it matter anyway"? After the normal questions the doctor pulled out his dementia test and began testing her reasoning abilities. After two unanswered questions and Mom's gruff replies, he gave up. 

Eventually the doctor and I started talking about how rough it getting Mom out of the house as her dementia progresses. He told me about an in-home service that Mom qualifies for that includes nursing visits. Signing up for this service would mean fewer visits to the doctor for Mom. After we talked it sounded pretty darn good so I signed mom up. Little did I know, this service would push mom to her limits and turn my life into living hell ever since. But more about that tomorrow. 

After an uneventful blood draw we were done and had an uneventful drive home with mom being awestruck looking at the nice houses we passed. The only thing worth mentioning is, once we pulled in the driveway, Mom asked why we were stopping at this house. Once I told her we were home, she just laughed and said she'd forgotten what the house looked like. 

We are nearing the end of this tale, tune in tomorrow for part IV - In Home Care

Again thanks for reading and have a great day!


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