Tuesday, April 21, 2015

It's Not Easy: Part I - The Call

This a long story that started several weeks ago beginning with a phone call from a nurse at Mom's doctor's office. 

Let me start by clarifying that other than Mom being nuts and having a screw loose from her dementia she's as healthy as a horse. Overall her health is better than mine and on a daily basis she has fewer aches and pains than I do.

Mom hadn't been to the doctor in about a year, there had been no real need to take her, and it's a real bitch getting her dressed and out of the house. However, her right eye was a bit puffy and she'd been complaining, so it was time to make her an appointment. I'd been dragging my feet for a couple days because I dread the trip out with her, but a nurse called first.

Instead of asking me how Mom was doing she immediately began the conversation by chewing my ass off because Mom hadn't seen the doctor in over a year. She also asked if I were still giving Mom her thyroid medication to which I replied "no", (I'm pretty sure that's what sent Mom into her downward spiral last summer). My "no" brought on another onslaught of comments about how irresponsible I am. 

As you can imagine, I was pretty pissed off at the nurse by the time she transferred me to scheduling but I went ahead made the appointment to get Mom's eye looked at. 

Once the day of the appointment arrived things have not been the same with Mom, but let's tackle that part tomorrow.

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