Monday, April 20, 2015

It's Been A While

I know, it's been ages since my last post here. But let me start out by saying Mom is alive and kicking. She's actually doing better this spring than last and that's really helped my stress level this spring. A year ago at this time, every morning I would wonder if she would wake up. The gears are still rusty and have continued to slip, but physically she is doing pretty darn good. Over the next few posts there's lots of information to share, but first let me fill you in on where I have been the past few months. 

Over the past few months, I put my heart and my soul into my cigar blog. I was told by several insiders that once my traffic level reached 10,000 monthly page views attracting advertisers would be a breeze. Well not only did monthly traffic reach 10 K, I averaged over 17,000 monthly page views for three months by making three to five cigar and coffee reviews daily then heavily promoting each post. Did the advertisers come? Not a one.  

Along with this I've come to realize that integrity in business is gone. I've made some great contacts over the past year and all of them giving me pats on the back for a job well done and promising product and lots of other items to review. But when it came time to back those promises up, my rewards were more false promises, if they even bothered to reply. 

Bottom line, it's taken the wind out of  my sails. I will continue with the cigar blog on a limited basis to finish up my previous commitments and just for fun, but beyond that it will be on my schedule. Plus I have some custom blogging projects on the horizon. 

Okay, that rant is over. There's lots of news to share about Mom and her day-to-day struggles with this humiliating disease. I'll do my best to post daily from here on out.

Thanks for reading!


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