Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A Sad Day Hits Close To Home

I learned last night that a friend's Mother passed away. His Mother was also a victim of dementia. I talked to him on the phone a bit ago and he is doing well, but I know there is more to it. My hat goes off to him!

This strikes so close to home, not only because Mom is suffering from Alzheimer's, but she hasn't been doing that well the past couple days. It seems to run in spurts, but I don't think she will even know who I am again unless I explain it to her. Which I've done the past few days. Today, Mom couldn't even remember her last name.

I'm ready, I can face it, but in the same breath, I'm not . . .

I need coffee and a cigar. . .

Friday, October 10, 2014

Mad As The Hatter

Last night was another of those rare occasions when everyone ate dinner at the table and at the same time, including Mom. Kel was here and sat next to Mom while she ate.

After the kids had left the table, Mom looked at me and with an angry tone to her voice, asked who was the girl sitting next to her. Paula jumped in first and explained Kel was her granddaughter. Mom gave Paula the familiar "you're to stupid to be alive look," so I jumped in adding Kel was my daughter.

That pacified her for a minute, but then she pointed her fork at Kenna's spot and asked who was sitting there. I explained Kenna and Madi were Paula's daughters and the were both her for dinner. Without saying a word, Mom looked down to her plate and continued eating again.

I just don't know what it is. Every time Kel sits next to Mom during dinner it seems to make her angry. I'm not sure if it's frustration not knowing who Kel is, or if it's an invasion of her space.

It makes me wonder though if any other care-givers notice this type of behavior in dementia patients.

Hey guess what? That's three for three now! I'm on a posting roll.

Have a great day, it's Friday!

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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Fork It - Stick A Fork In Me, I'm Done

Fork It - Stick A Fork In Me, I'm Done
I know, two days, two posts. Am I sick? No, this story is so good I couldn't let it go unpublished!

Let's go back in time a few years; actually about forty years. When I was a kid growing up, Mom had a wooden presentation case filled with silver flatware. She kept this box tucked neatly away from prying eyes in the buffet given to her by Aunt Laura. I know this flatware was silver because it tarnished and she just "had" to polish it before every use.

Anyway, about three years ago while Paula and I were up paying her a visit, Mom decided to part with her prized silver and gave it to us as a Christmas gift. Since I knew what it was, I didn't pay to much attention to the contents and gave Paula a quick look.

Once we were home, we opened the case to check things out. That's when I realized the silver was gone and had been replaced with Betty Crocker flatware (Mom was always saving coupons when I was a kid). I asked Mom later where the silver went and she told me it was in the case. It didn't really surprise me that she'd done that. The Betty Crocker was nice looking, it was shiny and no more tarnish. That was one of my first laugh and shake my head moments. Little did I know then how things would turn out now. We ended up adding Mom's flatware to our own daily use utensils. I did ask Mom later about where her real silver had ended up and she swears she gave it to us.

So anyway on to yesterday. Mom had just finished breakfast and brought her plate in to the kitchen. I was talking to Paula on the phone at the time and just happened to catch Mom take her fork, wipe it off with her napkin and slip it into the front pocket of her pants. I looked at her and asked why she was taking the fork and she replied in an angry, scratchy, witch-like toned voice, "it's mine, I must have left it here, I'm taking it." Being the smart-ass that I am, I reached over to the silverware drawer, pulled it open and said, "OK, you gave it to us as a Christmas gift a few years ago, but if you want more, here's the rest."

She sat the fork on the counter and quietly walked to her room.

Over the past week or so, I've been noticing that are spoon count has dropped drastically. It seems like we are always out of spoons. Now I know why. When Mom's eating breakfast today, I'll go on a silverware hunt and recover what I can. She is pretty good at hiding stuff. Paula saw here setting blankets on her hope chest last week, my guess is Mom had hidden "her silver" inside.

It's just another day of fun, fun, fun!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A One Way Ticket To Midnight

Going Down?
I'm sorry that the posts are coming slow to this blog. Keeping up with four blogs is proving to be more than I can deal with. Plus, it's fall. Winter is on the way and my "honey-do" list is really more than any honey can do. LOL Not really, but that sounded pretty funny.

Things are going great. My cigar blog is over 6000 page views per month and climbing at a steady pace. It's time to start working on some advertising to pay for all this. Oh great, one more thing for my to-do list. I'll just keep plugging away; one step at a time.

So I'm sure what you really want to know by now is, how is Mom?

Well let me tell you. Other than being wild and crazy, she's doing pretty well. Since the days are shorter now, she's up way more than she has been all summer. She is up normally between five or six hours a day now, but her mind is slipping more every day.

The other night at dinner Paula told Mom she would be 88 this year, Mom got pretty mad and pretty much told Paula she was lying. I'm not sure why it made her angry but it did. She also asked Paula on Sunday how much she owed her for breakfast.

Stepping back a bit to Friday, Mom came out of her room for breakfast all wild-eyed and confused. One thing led to another and I ended up asking her if she knew my name. I had a pretty good idea what the answer would be before I even asked. Her reply was "no," Even though I had just called her Mom it didn't click.

Mom's sister-in-law Donna called a few days ago. Mom talked to her but had no idea who she was. The real reason Donna called was to tell me that Mom's brother Jack is following in Mom's foot steps and the Dementia is starting to take over. They now realize what I had tried explaining to them is coming true. I feel for that side of the family because I think he will be worse.

Well I guess that's it for now. I have a cigar and a coffee review that still need posted and of course that honey-do list still has my name all over it!

Have a great day!

Just so you know, I don't let Mom's mind get to me anymore. Sure I wish she had a sound and functional mind, but she doesn't and never will. It is what it is.

Oh, the "One way ticket to midnight?" Midnight is about the average time I drift of to sleep lately.

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