Friday, September 5, 2014

What is it like you might ask?

I don't talk about this much, but today, I think it's time.

What's it like being a care-giver? Well it looks easy and for the most part labor-wise it is easy. Although, I have been told more than once I have it made.

Oh really, I have it made. Yes, I sit around all day taking care of Mom, smoking cigars, drinking coffee and pounding out review after review. On average I make two posts a day, every day. Well actually some days it's four or five, some days none.

My cigar and coffee blog, is getting over 5000 page views per month now and that's a pretty good feeling.

But in reality, this is a pretty tough job.

Like I said, it's not the work or the decline in Mom's health--I know she is getting better care here than in a home, and she has lived a full life, I understand and can deal with that. It's the stress and the solitude. Stress? Yes there is stress and lots of it. Mom is 87, soon to be 88 and every day when I go to wake her up, I wonder what I will find.

Mom had a good day yesterday so I'm not to worried today, plus she was up at 6:00 AM for a bathroom trip. But there are those days when she wasn't feeling well the day before that it actually takes a conscious effort to check on her because I'm unsure of what Bob Barker (on Monty Hall or Drew Carey), has for me behind door number 1.

OK, well I got off track, it's easy for me to do, I have so much running through my head all the time.

The real problem is the daily solitude, the lack of human interaction. Most of the day it's just me, my coffee, my cigars and my laptop.

Don't get me wrong, I love writing and reviewing, but it gets tough sitting here alone every day. Yes Mom is here, but it been months since she's been able to carry on an actual conversation. I make all these blog posts and do my best to promote all these products yet no interaction comes back. No questions, no comments, and lately, no real thanks.

On a good week I might get away twice to escape, but normally it's only once. One trip to stop by Axel's Pawn shop to see the gang and one trip to Cigar Train. Pretty exciting right? The life to envy right? Well that's up to you to decide I guess.

I've even tried approaching a few companies about taking over their social media, companies that could really use the help, with no results so far. Even taking over one account would give me a bit more purpose.

Well, that's enough for today. Writing these last two posts have cost me well over 100 page views on my review site and keeping traffic up there is my main focus now days.

Until we meet again! Have a great day my friends!


Unknown said...

I cannot think of a tougher job than the one you have but I do believe that your willingness to share your experiences are much more widely felt and appreciated than those of us reading them let you know. I know that I am speaking for many others by saying Thank You and encourage you to continue in both word and deed.

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