Monday, September 8, 2014

One For The Money, Two For The Show, Three To Get Read And Four... Huh, Who's In My House?

I'm baffled nearly every day. Why? Let me tell you.

One of Mom's friends from Colville called today, actually it was the friend that had been helping with things before Mom moved here.

I talked to her for a bit first, and she still doesn't understand what's happening with Mom. Every time Mom talk's to a friend it's the same thing. Who's in my house? Do I have any money? Where does my money come from? I don't think I have a car any more. Why did they--not Dan--sell my car? Of course no one and I mean no one, other than us will tell her that she has Alzhemier's and can't drive. That's my job, it's always my job. This friend sent her a puzzle last week, that I didn't give to Mom and then asks today if she received it. I didn't give it to her, she can't do a puzzle, she reads the newspaper upside down some days, she can't do a puzzle. Well maybe a child's puzzle would work. But things like that create a nightmarish round of questions for me. Ugh!

No one seems to understand the age regression of the mind that comes with Alzheimer's.

OK, enough of that. On the dinner front, Mom still can't figure out who Kel is and glares at her most of the way through dinner. I told Paula the other day that I bet Mom doesn't even remember her own name. I haven't tested that theory, but I will.

I know this hasn't been a productive post, I just needed to vent.

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