Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Like A Whirlwind Time Slips Away

Time Slips Away
Even with the best intentions, like a whirlwind, time slips away.

Every night before bed I tell myself, "tomorrow I will write a post for every blog". But in all honesty, no matter how hard I try, it rarely happens because life just gets in the way.

Yesterday, run errands, three hours gone. Poof! Today, fix the car broken down fifteen miles from home, five hours gone. Poof! What will happen tomorrow? Perhaps a relapse of the cold and flu I'm finally getting over? Five days gone. Poof!

Oh well, I'll just keep pushing through it and try getting more published on this blog. Put on your seat belt, it should be a good ride!

And now, back to our regularly scheduled program...


...oh wait, that word, yesterday. Every time I see or hear that word now, Metallica playing a hard rock cover of the old Beatles tune comes to mind. I can actually picture James Hetflield belting out the lyrics.  "YESTERDAY. . . . ALL MY TROUBLES SEEMED SO FAR AWAY. . . . .

My crazy, crazy, mind.

OK, back to our story...

Yesterday, Mom had a pretty good day. She woke up on her own, not only for breakfast, but for lunch and dinner too. She even sat in her rocking chair for an hour or so reading the paper after dinner.

That makes up for the day before and another one-hour search for the missing teeth. She'd lost (hidden) her bottom plate again. We tore her room apart looking for them with no luck, but an hour later she had them so I know they were hidden.

And then today. When I got home from repairing the car, I woke her up and asked if she were hungry. She said she was. Forty minutes go by and she finally gets to the table. Fully dressed today too I must add. I asked her if that was enough for breakfast and she looked at me like I was to stupid to live and said, "BREAKFAST, but it's 11;30!"

"Well Mom, it's the first time you've been out of bed today".

And with the same snarly attitude she says, "No, that can't be true".

I just give up and walk away now without giving her the satisfaction of an argument.

In a nutshell that's the past few days in my life.

Writing this blog post didn't kill any trees, but it probably did cost me around 100 page views on my cigar and coffee blog, So do me a favor, comment on this post, share this post, print it out and mail it to everyone you know! Just kidding on the last one, don't mail this to everyone you know, but please comment and share.

See you all next time! Have a great day!


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