Monday, August 4, 2014

Turn The Bed Or Close The Blinds? You Make The Call.

The head or the foot.
It's just amazing and I'm still blown away by how the Alzheimer's works at times.

Like almost any other day, I went in to wake Mom for breakfast. I knocked on her door, opened it and slowly poked my head inside. What I saw today made me laugh out loud, then chuckle off and on most of the morning.

As I looked in at mom I could see she had made her bed backwards and her head was at the foot. I asked her if she would like breakfast, (four or five times because she can never understand what I say), and she just gave me her normal dazed and confused look. OK, so then it was "Mom, are you hungry"? Now to this she did respond. She gave me a growling "YES"!

This is just our normal everyday routine, no surprise. The surprise was she was in bed backwards. I asked her why she was in bed upside down and she informed me, like I was stupid, that she didn't like the Sun in her eyes.

Well, that sound great in theory, but one, the Sun never shines in her room and two, it would probably have been easier just to pull the shades rather than remake the bed. All I could do is grab her coffee cup of the dresser, walk away shake my head and laugh once I was out of her hearing range.


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