Sunday, August 17, 2014

Things That Go Bump In The Day

Cracked Egg, Things That Go Bump In The Day
Well right after finishing my last post, I went in to check on Mom. She was sleeping, upside down in the bed again, and I could see her breathing so I decided to let her sleep a bit more. That was about 7:30 AM.

9:30 AM seemed like a good time to get her up on a Sunday. I knocked on and the opened her door asking her is she wanted some breakfast. After the normal "I can't hear or understand you game," she said she was hungry.

After about five minutes I went and checked to see if she was up, she was up and dressed. She made her normal bathroom run, but instead of coming out for breakfast she headed back to her room. Wondering what was up I opened the door a crack and told her that breakfast was on the table and getting cold. Mom said, "OK."

I started to close the door and walk away when suddenly there was a loud "boom" in Mom's room. I knew instantly what it was. I opened the door again to find her sitting on the floor with her underwear down around her ankles. Luckily Paula was home since Mom was half naked. Mom was fine, just a hurting back so Paula helped her into bed. We added a couple more pillows so she could sit upright and served her breakfast in bed.

Mom's fine, but she is going to be stiff and sore the next couple of day so this will be fun. I'm telling you, it just goes like this lately. The stress keeps piling on and up making me question and wonder if it will ever even out. Writing here does help, I'm glad that I decided to share my care-giver experiences here.


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