Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Day That Never Was

Last night was, today will be one of those days that no one understands, unless of course, you've been there, done that yourself.

Mom's been doing pretty good the past couple of weeks, except for the daily episodes of seeing her mother, visiting her Aunt Laura and reading the newspaper upsidedown (see today's picture).

Yesterday she was up a couple hours for lunch, but when Paula tried waking her for dinner mom was out of it and wouldn't get up. OK, no big deal, but when I tried waking her for breakfast earlier she wouldn't wake up then either. I could tell she was breathing and Amy the cat was in her room which told me she had been up since the cat can't let herself in, so I let her sleep.

So far so good, right? Well not really. After skipping breakfast and dinner both yesterday, I really wonder what I'll find when I wake her today. Will she be live or will she be Memorex?

The odds are Mom will be OK today, but you never know (I'll go wake her earlier than normal just to be sure). But it's the stress, the worry, the lack of sleep that gets a person down. No wonder care-givers statisticly die young. Will I become a number in that statistic once this is all over? I doubt it, but you just never know!


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