Monday, August 4, 2014

Here, Let Me Pay For Dinner.

Alzheimer's sufferer eating

I've been slow posting here. I'm launching a new web site, my cigar and coffee blog is up to 5000 monthly page views now and just life itself has been more than hectic.

Mom on the other hand has been doing pretty good the last three weeks, that is until the other day.

This past week Mom has gotten up twice at 7:30 AM. That is way early for her and I'm not really sure why she's getting up so early. When that happens, it throws her entire day off.

Two nights ago, we got her up for dinner, she came out and started eating with us. It went along just fine for about five minutes when she suddenly stood up and started looking around. I asked her if she needed something and she said she was looking for her purse. She walked into the kitchen and looked around for a bit, then walked into the living room. I'm sure by the time she hit the kitchen she'd forgotten the task at hand, looking for her purse, which is always in her room. She walked over to her chair, knocked the news paper off the table and grabbed some Hot-Tamales candy from the bowl. At this point Paula told her that her dinner was on the table. Mom's response was, "oh". She came back, sat down and never mentioned her purse again.

Every day is like going to a casino, you don't know what you will end up with!


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