Tuesday, August 19, 2014

As Alzheimer's Advances The Cogs Are Slipping

The gears are slipping
After mom fell on her butt the other day, I thought she had taken a down hill turn from the fall, but after the last two days I know that's not really the case.

I can see now that as Alzheimer's advances the cogs are slipping. It's apparent now that mom fell changing clothes the other day because her mind is slipping and so is her balance.

When I woke her up yesterday for breakfast she needed help to get out of bed and getting to the bathroom. When I asked her how she was feeling and if her back hurt, she implied that she was fine, but tired. It wasn't until dinner and Paula was helping her that she began complaining about her back, but that's another story.

I woke her up at normal time today, there was no playing the "I can't hear or understand you game," today, she was hungry, she got out of bed by herself fairly quickly, made a short stop at the bathroom and came out to eat. She had a two-egg ham and cheese omelet, some grapes, watermelon and toast. She ate it all even asking for jam for her toast (she abruptly stopped eating jam one day about three months ago and I have no idea why). This all sounds great, but I can tell, I'm with her every day, all day. She's not the same.

She looks feeble and tired, I can see it on her face and hear it in her voice. The gears have slipped a bit more and they'll probably never be the same again. I can tell that she will soon need a walker to get around, she will need more help changing and getting dressed and will need a lot more coaxing to get out of bed each day. It saddens me to see this downward spiral happening so quickly.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Things That Go Bump In The Day

Cracked Egg, Things That Go Bump In The Day
Well right after finishing my last post, I went in to check on Mom. She was sleeping, upside down in the bed again, and I could see her breathing so I decided to let her sleep a bit more. That was about 7:30 AM.

9:30 AM seemed like a good time to get her up on a Sunday. I knocked on and the opened her door asking her is she wanted some breakfast. After the normal "I can't hear or understand you game," she said she was hungry.

After about five minutes I went and checked to see if she was up, she was up and dressed. She made her normal bathroom run, but instead of coming out for breakfast she headed back to her room. Wondering what was up I opened the door a crack and told her that breakfast was on the table and getting cold. Mom said, "OK."

I started to close the door and walk away when suddenly there was a loud "boom" in Mom's room. I knew instantly what it was. I opened the door again to find her sitting on the floor with her underwear down around her ankles. Luckily Paula was home since Mom was half naked. Mom was fine, just a hurting back so Paula helped her into bed. We added a couple more pillows so she could sit upright and served her breakfast in bed.

Mom's fine, but she is going to be stiff and sore the next couple of day so this will be fun. I'm telling you, it just goes like this lately. The stress keeps piling on and up making me question and wonder if it will ever even out. Writing here does help, I'm glad that I decided to share my care-giver experiences here.

The Day That Never Was

Last night was, today will be one of those days that no one understands, unless of course, you've been there, done that yourself.

Mom's been doing pretty good the past couple of weeks, except for the daily episodes of seeing her mother, visiting her Aunt Laura and reading the newspaper upsidedown (see today's picture).

Yesterday she was up a couple hours for lunch, but when Paula tried waking her for dinner mom was out of it and wouldn't get up. OK, no big deal, but when I tried waking her for breakfast earlier she wouldn't wake up then either. I could tell she was breathing and Amy the cat was in her room which told me she had been up since the cat can't let herself in, so I let her sleep.

So far so good, right? Well not really. After skipping breakfast and dinner both yesterday, I really wonder what I'll find when I wake her today. Will she be live or will she be Memorex?

The odds are Mom will be OK today, but you never know (I'll go wake her earlier than normal just to be sure). But it's the stress, the worry, the lack of sleep that gets a person down. No wonder care-givers statisticly die young. Will I become a number in that statistic once this is all over? I doubt it, but you just never know!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Turn The Bed Or Close The Blinds? You Make The Call.

The head or the foot.
It's just amazing and I'm still blown away by how the Alzheimer's works at times.

Like almost any other day, I went in to wake Mom for breakfast. I knocked on her door, opened it and slowly poked my head inside. What I saw today made me laugh out loud, then chuckle off and on most of the morning.

As I looked in at mom I could see she had made her bed backwards and her head was at the foot. I asked her if she would like breakfast, (four or five times because she can never understand what I say), and she just gave me her normal dazed and confused look. OK, so then it was "Mom, are you hungry"? Now to this she did respond. She gave me a growling "YES"!

This is just our normal everyday routine, no surprise. The surprise was she was in bed backwards. I asked her why she was in bed upside down and she informed me, like I was stupid, that she didn't like the Sun in her eyes.

Well, that sound great in theory, but one, the Sun never shines in her room and two, it would probably have been easier just to pull the shades rather than remake the bed. All I could do is grab her coffee cup of the dresser, walk away shake my head and laugh once I was out of her hearing range.

Here, Let Me Pay For Dinner.

Alzheimer's sufferer eating

I've been slow posting here. I'm launching a new web site, my cigar and coffee blog is up to 5000 monthly page views now and just life itself has been more than hectic.

Mom on the other hand has been doing pretty good the last three weeks, that is until the other day.

This past week Mom has gotten up twice at 7:30 AM. That is way early for her and I'm not really sure why she's getting up so early. When that happens, it throws her entire day off.

Two nights ago, we got her up for dinner, she came out and started eating with us. It went along just fine for about five minutes when she suddenly stood up and started looking around. I asked her if she needed something and she said she was looking for her purse. She walked into the kitchen and looked around for a bit, then walked into the living room. I'm sure by the time she hit the kitchen she'd forgotten the task at hand, looking for her purse, which is always in her room. She walked over to her chair, knocked the news paper off the table and grabbed some Hot-Tamales candy from the bowl. At this point Paula told her that her dinner was on the table. Mom's response was, "oh". She came back, sat down and never mentioned her purse again.

Every day is like going to a casino, you don't know what you will end up with!