Monday, July 7, 2014

Patience: Virtue Or Curse? You make The Call

Patience: waiting dog
What a difference 12 hours can make. Yesterday, Mom was bright, cheery and full of energy, today it has been all I can do to get her going.

It started around 8:30AM today. I heard her head to the bathroom so I tried intercepting her with some coffee as an enticement to stay up for breakfast.

Even though I kept a close watch, she managed slipping back to her room undetected--she is actually pretty good at that, I have caught her peering out the bathroom door to see if anyone is looking. Well after yesterday I wasn't having any of that! I took her coffee into her room, she was getting up today (as Alice Cooper would say, "welcome to my nightmare"). She was already in bed and nearly sleeping again, but I said her name and she opened her eyes.

I told her I had coffee for her and it was time for breakfast. She gave me a dumbfounded look and said, " what"? And that's when I noticed, no teeth today. I told her again it was breakfast time and this time she understood. I told her again it was time to get up, but she needed to find her teeth and left her room so she could get up. It's always risky waking her any more since her state of dress varies every day from very little, to yesterdays clothes to pj's and a robe. Today at least she had a robe on.

About ten minutes later she still wasn't up so I gathered my nerve and went back in. She was sleeping again and when I woke her she still had no teeth. We played this game for about an hour when she finally went to the bathroom. When she did I stripped down the bed but still no teeth. I had already searched all her drawers with no results. I grabbed her another cup of coffee and let her be.

About four hours later she finally got up again. This time I did catch her coming out of the bathroom and told her that breakfast was ready. Guess what? You got it. Now she had teeth. I asked where she had found them them and she said they had been in the bed. I know that wasn't true, she had hidden them so no one would steal them and wouldn't tell me where. I just don't get it, who here would want to steal her teeth anyway? That's just nasty. But it shows just how cruel the Alzheimer's mind can be.

All I could do is shake my head and walk away laughing.

Is patience a virtue? Well me being patient is good for mom but it just may be the death of me!


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