Friday, July 18, 2014

Night and Day: The Difference Of Two Brothers or A River Runs Across It

My brother Steve called yesterday saying he was in town and wanted to come see Mom. He did show up, but here's a bit of back-story to get you up to speed.

We are both adopted and even though we were both raised by the same parents, you'd never know it. Steve was taken away by the State when he was twelve because he was out of control. He just couldn't deal with being adopted and acted out. Since then he has never really held down a job, he has been a life long drug addict and floats in and out of jail. He was just released last month from another lock-down type court ordered drug treatment program. On the bright side, it may have worked this time, but only time will tell. OK, back to the story.

Mom was sleeping when Steve arrived so I went in and woke her up, she was slow getting up so I sent him in to prod her along. That probably wasn't the best move since at first she had no idea who he was. After he talked to her for a minute and took off his glasses, she finally said, "oh, Steve".

We all sat in the living room so they could talk. Steve told mom about his new teeth and that he is getting new knees soon, but once he was done with that it started. Mom started out by telling him about aunt Laura's house. How it was just around the corner and she'd walked over there a few days ago only to find it full of furniture, but no one was living there. After that it was a steady barrage of questions from Mom, "who's in my house"?

"Who's Kelsey?"

"Where is my car?"

"Where do you work"?

And once she'd finished those questions, plus a couple more, the cycle started all over again, except this time she told Steve her car had been stolen.

At one point Steve told her that after his new knees are installed, he is going to get a job running an excavator for $110 per hour. Hearing that, Mom's face lit up and she said, "my boy Steve does that!"

Steve's almost broken hearted reply was, "Mom, I am your boy Steve." I think that got to Steve a bit and he left shortly thereafter.

Mom sat up for a bit and then returned to bed. When she got up for dinner, she could remember someone had been her to see her, but had no idea who.

It was strange to see the effect seeing Steve had on Mom. She had not asked many of those questions in well over a month.


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