Saturday, July 12, 2014

A Note To Kel

Kel, you didn't say anything yesterday or today, but I know it bothered you when your grandmother didn't recognize you. I know it's tough watching her mind fade away like it is. It's life though. That may be me some day.

Try thinking about the good times you two had when you were younger. Like baking cookies and winning state Grange with them. Plus the many other things you learned from her instead of your mom.

Just don't give up, she comes and goes, the next time you are here she just may remember you. That will put a smile on her face because she still loves you.

Keep your chin up kiddo. I love you too!

Just a side note. Mom came out to use the bathroom a few minutes ago. When she went back to bed we heard the door lock. I'm sure she didn't recognize Paula and I. Then locked the strangers out of her room.

Like I said, her mind comes and goes. In the morning she will probably remember me anyway.


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